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What is Oxylabs?

It is a tech company that works profoundly with extracting large-scale web data and crawling web pages. Oxylabs specializes in residential and data center IPs.These residential and data center IPs highly support SOCKS 4/5 protocols and HTTP.  

Oxylabs has been in this field for more than ten years successfully over a decade. It has more than 30 million residential proxies and 1.5 million dedicated proxies widely in more than one-eighty countries, so they are proved to be skillfully best proxy providers worldwide. 

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The tools they provide protect the clients’ identity and function, enhancing their privacy every time they use the web. 

Services provided by Oxylabs

 Oxylabs provide many services that are very efficient and promising. They include datacenter proxies, residential proxies, static residential proxies, socks5 proxy, the proxy rotator, and Real-time crawler. These products are also very trustworthy, and they function very well in their respective tasks.

Datacenter proxies 

  • Datacenter proxies are currently the best functioning proxies in the market.
  • There are four various packs in which Datacenter proxies are available.
  • It has independent and different packages for starters, businesses, corporate and enterprises. Its prices and features vary from pack to pack, and one can choose a package dep[ending on their need.
  • USA, France, Canada are the top Oxylabs datacenter proxies.

Residential proxies 

  • They provide the best anonymous proxies globally.
  • The probability of your Internet protocol address being blocked is critically low.
  • It provides an unlimited number of concurrent sessions
  • It has been very successful, and hence it has a definitive success history with an approximately ninety-four percent success rate.

Static residential proxies

  • It is a perfect combination of data center and residential proxies.
  • High uptime and accuracy.
  • Highly efficient scraping that matches the scraping ability of a human.
  • It avails premium features in anonymous proxies also.

 Socks5 proxy

  • Best for tasks that have heavy traffic.
  • This avails the best premium features.
  • It is widely spread among eighty-plus countries with over two million internet protocols.
  • It is highly reliable.

The proxy rotator

  • With the most helpful auto-rotate feature.
  • Very efficient in data gathering.
  • Functions no less than a human being.
  • Multiplies the success rate of scraping.

Real-time crawler

  • Gathers the most reliable data from different websites, search engines, and e-commerce websites.
  • You can pay for it after getting the benefit, i.e., You can pay for it after the successful delivery.
  • It comes with a proxy rotator, zero CAPTCHAs, and auto-scaling. 
  • It helps in tackling the most complex tasks effortlessly.

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Oxylabs Speed Test

Why Oxylabs Proxy Speed test?

Oxylabs Speed Test is an efficient tool to test the internet speed. It is very reliable and easy to use. You will witness accurate results of the internet and bandwidth speed. It is fast, compatible, versatile, and accurate; although it is very swift, it does not compromise accuracy.  Oxylabs Proxy Speed test comes with a seven-day free trial policy where the user does not have to credit the credit card or payment details beforehand. Oxylabs owns more than thirty million proxy IPs with more than 80 data centers. Also, it has unlimited concurrent sessions. It is rapid, and it delivers proxies in a time that is less than three to four minutes. Oxylabs do not have any number of limited targets. It provides unlimited targets. With more than 1.5 million dedicated proxies, it will widely spread around many countries.


Anonymous classification:

The users can remain anonymous and use the contents on the web as anonymous. Users’ original IPs are hidden from the website, and therefore you can prevent your proxies from being banned from the site. You can also prevent yourself from being bothered by ads and advertisement network that keeps following on every site. Also, you can access content without geographical restrictions and boundaries.


They have a vast network that is spread among the accumulation of their residential proxies. They are spread across eighty-plus countries, providing the best internet protocol proxies. The higher the web, the better performance, and stability. Oxylabs is highly stable and very well functioning. 

Concurrent connections:

It has unlimited or limitless simultaneous connections supporting the highest number of concurrent sessions possible. Overall it is instrumental while scraping the web or crawling data using the bots. Users can access the proxies on multiple devices simultaneously.


To access your proxy, one has to enter the username and password set by you. So Oxylabs provides features that increase the authenticity. It lets you protect your IP, and also you can restrict the users when you have a dynamic IP.

Extensive documentation: 

Oxylabs provides precise and reliable documentation regarding all the services it offers. They also have a page dedicated to the frequently asked questions and queries that answered very satisfactorily.

100+ locations:

Oxylabs is available in 100+ sites providing their best services.  It is present in Germany, China, the USA, Canada, Russia, UK, etc. Also, It is widely spread across the globe in the majority of the continents like Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, etc. It has its locations in 59 countries in Asia, 50 in Europe, 52 in Africa, 14 in Oceania, 39 in North America, 18 in South America.

Free trial:

Oxylabs proxy speed test provides a seven-day free trial. It is free, and you don’t have to give any payment details to start your free trial.  

High uptime:

Oxylabs gives high uptime, which means the work time of Oxylabs proxy speed test’s work time is increased. It comes with ninety-nine percent uptime.

Controlled sessions:

You can strictly plan your session time and stick it to. This feature controls the users’ session time and conducts well-organized web sessions without losing track of time.


Oxylabs, proxy speed test, works on a 7-day refund policy. If you would like to request a refund before one week of purchase, Oxylabs grants it.

Ticket system:

You can ticket for queries, and the Oxylabs team will answer them.

Pros and cons


  1. Free trial for 7-days without giving any payment information.
  2. High anonymous dedicated and shared HTTP/HTTPS proxies.
  3. More than thirty million proxy IPs with over one.5M datacenter proxies.
  4. Proxies from each country within the world.
  5. An unlimited information measure for data center proxies.
  6. Delivery of proxies in beneath 3 minutes.
  7. Extensive documentation on the way to tack and obtain started with the proxies.
  8. Unlimited coinciding sessions
  9. Two authorization strategies are on the market – scientific discipline Authorization and Username and arcanum authentication.


  1. Expensive: It is comparatively costly.
  2. Customer Support is not that active.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the best alternatives to Oxylabs?

#1 Avast secure line VPN: It is an excellent alternative to Oxylabs. You can use the VPN with anonymity lessening the probability of getting blocked by the websites. It is safe and secure. Avast secure line VPN has around 27 servers in the world. It is available in many countries, including Netherlands, France, Germany, the US, etc. it is very flexible to use with swift browsing speed. Also, the connection of Avast secure line VPN is safely encrypted.

#2 Total VPN: Total VPN is a strong VPN. It is a good alternative for Oxylabs. Total VPN has access to around 30 servers. You can request a trial version and get one. It has an outstanding supporting team available 24/7 to resolve the queries from the users’ end.

#3 Panda VPN: It is a highly secure VPN. It is one of the best alternatives of Oxylabs. Panda VPN has the best set of features for comparatively a lower price.  It doesn’t take much time for set up or installation, and it can be installed very quickly and easily. The scanning of  Panda VPN is also very swift. Overall, Panda VPN functions very well.

Is it value for money?

Yes. Oxylabs has all the features for a good Proxy Speed test. It is very accurate, reliable, and compatible. Oxylabs is also highly versatile. Indeed, it is value for money! It might seem expensive initially, but it is reasonable and becomes affordable in use.  Also, it has a trial version where you can do it for free and then pay for it, and once you make the payment, you can request a refund within seven sevens if you want to discontinue.

Is the Oxylabs Speed Test safe?

Yes. It is clean and trustworthy. You can try it for seven whole days for free without even giving your payment details. You can also opt for a refund before seven days, i.e., one week of purchase. 


Oxylabs is a very trustworthy tech company, and the Oxylabs, Proxy Speed test is an outstanding tool to test internet speed and bandwidth. It has good scraping performance, proxy functions, and network. It also has an excellent customer support system, and it is very secure and safe. Both the service and the support of  Oxylabs are reliable, safe, and most importantly, highly secure. The users also recommend Oxylabs.  Overall, the Oxylabs Proxy Speed test is the best option if you are looking for a reliable and safe speed test. 

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